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I had stalled as long as I could to pass the time. "TK, Prepare Bransen and me," I paused looking over to Bransen. "Black?" I x vedios asked. Bransen answered with a nod. "Prepare Bransen and me matching clothing. Make them black dura- silk with an xxvideos opalescent shine. I want it xvieos comfortable and functional. www.xvideos.com I want a single blue ring one centimeter thick on the upper right sleeve. xxxvideos Make the shirts cross from left to right tapering at the waist. x.videos Make matching clothing for all Alpha Team members. Give them two blue rings japanese xvideos one centimeter apart. Instruct them to wear this to the sorting at 16:00 hours." I thought for a moment and continued. "Please advise all personnel that levels 50 through 100 will be restructured xvideos porno at 15:00 hours. All persons on those levels at that time, will be transported to their quarters." "At 15:01 hours, restructure xxvideos for the xvideos 2 sorting." I finished. We had an hour to shower videos x away the smell of sex from our bodies and dress. That would leave xvids us www xvideos.com an hour for xvideos video the restructuring and adding the final touches to our work. "TK, bathtub, room for four please," Bransen ordered with a smile as he turned his eyes toward me. The shower area morphed back into the black and white marbled tub that had been there when we first arrived. Water flowed into vast tub as the steam curled across its surface. Bransen crossed the room and leaned over the back of the wwwxvideos couch. "Let's get ready hon." He whispered to me. "Tk, Lights, dim." I xvideos in nodded as he led me to the over sized tub. We removed our clothes and stepped into the steaming water. I leaned xvideos. com against the wall of the bathtub resting my mind. It was so peaceful. The warmth of the steaming water seemed to wash xvideos gays away the tension. "TK, Music, Classical, Beethoven, Moonlight Sonata." Bransen ordered. "A human wrote this thousands of years ago." Bransen said softly. I sat up xvideos.con with a quick slosh of water. I listened as the sounds swayed through the room. Kelay's memories told me what music was, but I had never heard it before. In wwwxvideos.com my 1600 years I had never heard music. It was beautiful. The sounds mom xvideos were so sad and resolute. How could a human have ever created this? There were xvideos.con so many sounds at once, but they seemed belonged together in a way I can't explain. There was a complex math to it, but I couldn't imagine an equation that would create this. The indian xvideos music seemed www.xvideos.com to have a soul. It brought tears to my eyes. I had never heard anything so beautiful. I had memories of many forms of music and art, but never xvideos hentai anything like this. I laid my head against Bransen's shoulder and let the sounds move through the xvideos in room. 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I wondered what we might have become, had the Thoren's not interrupted our world. The Thoren had also given me Bransen, so I let go of my xvideo com new found resentment. Bransen asked for names that only Kelay's memories recognized. He requested Vivaldi, Handel, Chopin and more. We listened xvideos com as music drifted through the air. I hated for it to end, but I knew we were close to the time of restructuring. We climbed out of the bath tub, rubbed xvideos tamil ourselves dry, and pulled xvideoss on our newly made clothes. The black of the new cloth made my hair seem even whiter. "Restructuring xvideos download will be complete in fifteen minutes." TK announced. "Fifteen minutes?" Bransen asked. "Hey! If you think you can do it faster blondie, let me know." TK snapped. I giggled seeing Bransen's jaw clench. It was like listening to two xvideoscom children bicker over a toy. I pulled xvidos.com Bransen into my arms. I gazed into his eyes and we kissed. I let nestled my head in the curve of his neck still pulling him against me. "Our future begins now," I whispered. I relished the feeling of comfort and safety his arms provided me. "Reconstruction Complete, you impatient f..." TK's announcement faded into a mumble. I felt Bransen tense a bit. We separated. I played with his hair, xvideo com guiding a few wild curls into www.xvideo place before a smile crept across his x-videos face. "TK, When I fold the occupants of the surrounding spheres into wwwxvideos the ship, do not incinerate them. xvideos anal They are xvideo not fully Human or Thoren any longer." I commanded. "Awwww MAN!" TK wined. "You are such a child sometimes TK." I chuckled. "BITE ME!" TK snapped. "We better get going." Bransen interrupted. I gave a quick nod. "TK, Transport us to the center of the amphitheatre." A flash of white xvidio brought us to the center of a massive space. I gazed at the rows and rows that circled us. Fifty levels of seating rose from the base and extended outward along the porn xvideos curve of the ship. It most xvidos resembled the coliseum xxvideo of ancient Rome. I had found the diagram in TK's systems and had expanded on the layout. There were thirty eight sections, one for each xvideos jp Sphere Major. The only discernable separation was a waist high partition that split xxxvideo each section. The small wall ran vertically xvideos red from the lowest to highest row of seating on each side. In the center of each section, another eight foot wall split each sphere area into upper and lower seating. The wall was level with where Bransen and I stood now. There was a porn xvideos floating platform large enough for xvideos anal the captain and their second in command to sit. Above us, when xvideos indian the assembly began, would be a massive hologram that would display the current speaker. Once activated, the hologram would be nearly three hundred feet tall. It would display in four directions for the benefit of those in the upper rows that were nearly a half xvideos brasil mile away. Below us was a platform with seating for about three hundred for the members of the original base. "Woah." xvedio Bransen said staring. "Yeah, fifteen minutes, remember?" TK grumbled. "TK, from this point forward, all communication will be to Bransen or myself and only in thought. I do NOT want to hear a single audible comment x vedios from you during this assembly, effective immediately." I commanded. "Care to call the troops hon?" I asked giving Bransen a xvideos mom nudge with my elbow. I saw his chest rise and fall with a deep breath. "TK, COM, Shipwide. All Alpha Team Members please prepare to xvideos brasil be transported. You have ten minutes." Bransen announced. Some time later, we watched as they appeared on the platform behind us. I know it was silly to feel safer for their presence, but I did. None of them xvideo.com could block a Thoren attack, except for maybe Bransen. Still it was nice xvideo gay to have them here. TK, x video.com being transmission. "Thoren commanders, you have all been designated a number. xvideos hd You will approach the Cystos, in order, and be transported aboard. Those that do not comply will be destroyed." I sent. I pulled the fire from myself and mingled it with the thoughts of work yet to be done. The blue white fire rode across my body. xvideos. com Finally the first sphere moved to dock with us. I didn't have to concentrate on them anymore. xvideos japanese They were lodged in my mind like small tamil xvideos beacons. I folded them into the amphitheatre, separating them by Thoren and Human majority. We repeated this until all xxxvideo thirty-seven ships had docked and boarded. Finally, I pulled our guests from the sphere we destroyed and placed them in the 38th section. It had wwwxvideos.com been almost no effort at all to move these two million people. It was a bit frightening considering my limits only weeks days ago. We were all in attendance. I stretched xvideos indonesia my mind to search each sphere. Everyone was aboard. "Let's not waste time." I announced. "I know who you are and who would wish me harm. Do it now so that we can continue." I announced as the hologram above me porno xvideos erupted xvideos indian mom xvideos in light and sound. Silence filled too much space. A current telugu xvideos of whispers traveled through the room like a breeze. I let the fire ride along my skin. "Well, we can wait if you wish." I announced. "TK, present the feast." I thought. A flat surface grew along the rows of Human and Thoren majority. Baked meats and dishes of every style imaginable appeared. We ate. An xvidoes hour passed as we gorged ourselves. So far no one had died, but we had only xvids just begun. xvideos gay "if xvidos.com everyone is finished, we'll continue." I announced rising from my chair. The food merged into the dark shiny liquid metal. I watched the gaping distance as everyone prepared themselves, before everyone, now stood an interactive console of choice. "Before you is a console that offer's you a choice. This is the sorting. It will be done every year from this point forward." I paused. xvideos hd "Those of you that may fear xvideos mom reprimand for your decision, are welcome here. Now is your x-videos time. We will guard your choice. That goes for Thoren and Human born alike. Now is your chance." I announced. "No one can touch you." Thousands of humans www xvideos left the www.xvideo.com room almost instantaneously. Surprisingly many Thoren were transported away as well. "Ok then. Captains, you are still the commanders of your Spheres. x videos You are free to stay and flourish with us, or leave," I asked. 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"You, are an fool. I xvido would rather not kill you," I replied. The hall had become deathly quiet. "Please, You can go. You may have your sphere. It doesn't have to be this way," I answered. "No, I think you will release the Cystos to my command," Laton said with a devious smile. "Laton, you are mistaken," porn xvideos I announced as I folded his body before me. He hung in the air like a limp rag. He pushed as much as his mind was able, but there was no way he could break my control. "Please, Laton, don't do this," I begged. "You don't have the power. xvideo gay This is a trick. I will not be part of this travesty, and you will not take away our human slaves," He yelled. "I'm sorry Laton" I answered. I filled the center of him with a fire no one could survive. Laton's scream xvideos free stretched across the expanse of the amphitheatre before I finished him. I pushed the fires and lit xvideos com xvideos download him xvidos from the inside. It would xvideoscom be quick. His body became engulfed in xvids a flare of blue fire. Only ashes remained. The gray flakes fell through the air drifting like autumn leaves. "I xvideos. com will not give on this issue! I already see many humans xvideos porno that remain loyal to your service. If that is their choice, then I have no objections. Those that remain may continue as they please. There will be only one rule in our society. 'Do No Harm'. We will retain some xvideos xvideos spheres in their current form. Others including the Cystos will become part of a grand floating city." I paused. "There will be four factions. They will gay xvideos be Military, Science, videos x and Art and x videos.com Education. Each will have equal representation. No one group will ever have majority rule, and there will be no dictator." I announced. Captain Liam moved his platform. He rose above the remainder of the crowd and was projected in the hologram above me. "What will happen to those Captains who have given xvideos indian up their ship for the city?" asked Captain Liam. "You can either govern over the portion of the city made by your sphere as a representative, or move to a remaining sphere. The choice is www.xvideos yours. You could sit and paint for the next five thousand years. It is entirely up to you," I answered. Liam nodded. "And if all Thorens choose to leave? What if we all choose to leave with our Sphere and only the Cystos remains?" he asked. "I would hope, being there are so few of you, that you would condense yourselves and leave us at least half of your Spheres. Considering you made slaves of an entire mom xvideos world, I would think it a very gay xvideos small price to pay. If you chose not to do this, even after I've x-videos restored your immortality, then xvideos tamil you would leave with all of your Spheres. We will not stop you. It has never xvideos com been that you cannot leave. You are free to go. x videos.com You will not, however, leave with even a xvideo com single human aboard your ship that wishes to stay," I answered. Liam nodded again and returned to his original position. "We will perform this sorting every year. Please understand. xvideos red This is not a choice on what you will do for the rest of eternity. You only have to decide whether xvideos tamil or not you wish xvideos brasil to stay. Even that xvideos jp decision is not forever. If at some time www.xvideo.com in the future you wish to venture out into space, no one will stop you," I xvidios stopped and watched sporadic white xvideos free flashes of light remove people from the crowd. "Once you have committed your ship to the city, it will not be returned. xvideos Should you change your mind in the future, arrangements will be made to see that you hd xvideos may go as you wwwxvideos wish," I continued. "Those that do leave today will not be allowed to xvideos video return for five thousand years. If you return before then, we will not video x acknowledge communications. You will be destroyed without hesitation. If you leave today, you will vacate this solar system at top xvideos download speed. Once this is done, you may do as you please," I announced. "Are there any more questions?" I asked. Silence filled the make-shift auditorium like something thick and tangible. The white teleporting flashes xxxvideo of light slowed and finally stopped as the minutes passed. Eleven of the original thirty seven captains remained. There were 327,096 Human and Thoren remaining scattered among the thirty eight original sections. "Your time xvidoes is up. Very well then. I will ask this one final time. If you wish to stay, please indicate so now." I announced. There were no additional flashes of xvideoscom light. "Captains, I will return you to your ships momentarily. I will be transporting the remainder of Thoren and Human people throughout your ships xx videos equally. You can decide on their disbursement after you have left this solar system. xvideoss Is this acceptable?" I asked. I listened as they answered 'yes' almost in unison. "You're really going to let us leave?" Captain Tapal asked xvideos red skeptically. "Of course! We've had enough death. What purpose would be served in keeping you here against your will? I have no desire to be xvideo.com a replacement to Keelon. I would like to see you when five thousand years have passed though. It could be a reunion of our kind. www.xvideo.com Until then, www.xvideos I think we need time to flourish and become what our future allows," I answered. "If you are ready," I announced with a smile. The blue light of my eyes flared. I concentrated and moved them to their original Spheres. I xvedios split the remaining Human and Thoren among xvideos gay the soon to be departing ships. "TK, Transmit the following message." I thought. "I wish the best for you, yours, and your future. I hope you find what you are looking for." I sent the thought. Eleven Sphere Major powered up and left our world with in a silver blur. TK would monitor their progress and ensure their departure from our solar system. - - - I am telugu xvideos sorry it has taken so long to www.xvideos com get this chapter out. I've been busy with another xvideos 2 story, and www.xvideo this chapter was slow coming to me. This feels like a good place to pause. Please desi xvideos send your comments and criticisms to gaywriter72yahoo Thank you! Date: Sat, 8 Oct 2011 08:48:30 -0500 From: Jimmy Boyd xvieos Subject: x.videos Easi If material of this nature offends you xvideos hentai then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states, you are not allowed to read this story by law. This story is purely a work of fiction. 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